15 recipes for quick, healthy and easy dinners

At Cocina Fácil we want to make it easier for you. That is why we have prepared this collection of recipes that will serve you for many days. because it includes 15 ideal recipes for dinner of every day.

Our selection includes Easy, healthy and quick recipes to preparewhich is what we look for in a good dinner, in addition to being delicious, which we guarantee.

Our advice is as follows: at the end or beginning of the week, choose one of these recipes for each day of the following week (download our free menu planner, it will be very convenient for you). Write down what you need to be able to buy it on time and that’s it! You will only need half an hour (maximum 35 minutes) to enjoy the dinner.

1. Vegetable puree with croutons

Easy cook

A vegetable puree is a great way to end the day. It helps with good digestion, it’s super healthy and you’ll love the quality. For our recipe we have added an enrichment that makes it delicious, we have mixed potatoes, turnips and leeks, with butter, milk, a little nutmeg and presented it decorated with croutons.

2. Pumpkin cream with orange

Orange pumpkin cream

Healthy, colorful and rich, you’ll love our Orange Pumpkin Cream with Anise. In addition, it is also suitable for vegans because it only has a sprinkle of coconut cream. To decorate and as a contrast of textures, it is presented with a very fine laminated apple.

3. Avocado and shrimp cream


With avocado you can prepare thousands of delicious recipes: what do you think of these pista with avocado cream and shrimp? If you present them in cup form, they can be used for a festive menu and on a plate for a delicious start to your dinner.

4. Carrot cream with chickpeas and raisins


This combination of chickpeas, carrots and raisins is super original for dinner, a complete and healthy cream that includes plant proteins and flavor-enhancing spices like curry and coriander. Who said creams were soft?

5. Secret Lettuce Tacos

Secret recipe for lettuce tacos

Another filling and delicious dish for a one-dish dinner are these Secret Lettuce Tacos. They have chopped vegetables, served on lettuce leaves and seasoned with sesame and soy sauce.

6. Stir-fried beef with broccoli, mushrooms and green pepper

Braised Beef with Broccoli, Mushrooms and Bell Peppers

It can be used as a single dish for both dinner and lunch because this recipe for Braised Beef with Broccoli, Mushrooms and Green Pepper is delicious and very easy to make. Fry the meat and vegetables and you have it ready in 20 minutes. Soy sauce and sesame give the dish an oriental touch.

7. Lime Grilled Chicken

Lime Grilled Chicken

Something healthier and easier than some grilled brisket? But this proposal with lime and cabbage gives it a delicious taste. The chicken is left to marinate in lime juice to get more flavor.

8. Turkey in mushroom sauce


Few meats are as lean as turkey. With this healthy recipe, you have prepared a turkey with mushrooms and sauce in 20 minutes. It is cooked with a splash of wine, which gives it an exquisite taste.

9. Green salad with turkey, cheese and yogurt sauce

Green salad with turkey, cheese and yogurt sauce

Are you one of those people who eats salads every day of the year? If you want a complete dinner that can be served as a single dish, try this green salad with turkey, diced cheese, corn on the cob and sour cream.

10. Zucchini au gratin


It looks like lasagna because we have sliced ​​the squash to present an original filling of cheddar cheese, almonds and breadcrumbs. Try these Zucchini Gratis! They are very simple to make and you will surely succeed if you serve them for dinner.

11. Sea bream with fried garlic and green beans


What do you think of an ideal dinner? Including fish at night is a great idea… Well, why not prepare some carp fillets with fried garlic and green beans? With this recipe, you have a complete nutritious dish, thin and prepared in a few minutes.

12. Vegetables with loins and lemon sauce


Easy to prepare and easy to eat, this tenderloin with vegetables and lemon sauce. Everything is cut into strips and dressed with a sweet and sour lemon and honey sauce. There are carrots, zucchini, onions and watercress.

13. Grilled sea bass with tomato salad

Grilled sea bass recipe with salad and tomato vinaigrette

Now that you can find sea bass at a cheaper price, set aside a few nights to prepare this dish of grilled sea bass with salad and tomato vinaigrette. In just over twenty minutes you have this easy and delicious dish ready.

14. Eggplant, tomato and mozzarella mille-feuille


When you see how simple and rich this eggplant, tomato and mozzarella mille-feuille is, you’ll add it to your favorites list. In addition, it can serve as a single dish for dinner, because it is filling.

15. Scrambled eggs with anchovy toast

Scrambled eggs with anchovy toast

Ideal for sitting down and eating dinner in front of the TV: a simple, quick and thin scrambled egg accompanied by some anchovy toast. And if they are from the Bay of Biscay or L’Escala, the pleasure will be double.

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