8 inch screen, 35 types of cooking and adjusted price

Xiaomi maintains a frantic pace by launching new products, mainly for the Chinese market. Although there is not yet a food processor among the many kitchen products they sell in Spain, the Asian brand has already introduced a model and is now launching a The second ‘thermomix’, the Xiaomi Mi cooking robot.

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The Xiaomi Mi Cooking Robot is a kitchen robot with a simple design formed by the cooking glass and a large 8-inch color screen that focuses all eyes. The machine’s 15 liter capacity allows cooking for up to four people with hundreds of recipes displayed on the screen.

Far from the white model that usually dominates Xiaomi’s rice cooker devices, this time the brand has chosen a deep black shade. The base supports the glass, tilting screen and a good-sized button in front of the panel.

35 types of dishes

The 8-inch display is the window to the entire system and settings of the food processor. All cooking modes can be configured in it. It includes 35 options such as steaming, boiling, boiling, chopping meat and vegetables, grinding, washing or cooking at a low temperature.

The food processor has a motor with a power of 1700 watts and up to 12000 rpm to cook, being able to gain temperature up to 180 degrees or press heavy ingredients.

Xiaomi Mi Cooking Robot

Xiaomi Mi Cooking Robot



An essential element in any food processor as is the scale is integrated inside the glass to reduce the elements and space that the machine takes up in the kitchen. Through the screen, you can check the grams of each ingredient and follow the 200 recipes provided by the system, including videos to make the process easier to understand.

WiFi connection

As with the rest of the robotic vacuum cleaners on the market. The Xiaomi Mi cooking robot has one accessory system to make most recipes, such as steamer baskets, spatulas, blades and more.

To make cleaning up easier when you’re done cooking, Xiaomi’s new robot has a self-cleaning function. It also offers a smoke-reducing system and has WiFi and Bluetooth connectivity, to download more recipes from the Internet.

As with many Xiaomi products, this kitchen robot does not have an arrival date in Spain. It will be sold only in China at the end of September, where it can already be reserved at a price of 5,999 yuan. around 870 euro to change, with a release scheduled for late September.

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