How to steam vegetables with butter. Quick and easy second course recipe

One of the best Cooking methods to preserve the nutrients and all the flavor of vegetables, greens and vegetables is to steam them. Unlike cooked foods, vegetables cooked with this technique retain their original taste, color and thus preserve its properties practically intact.

Steamed vegetables are highly recommended for those people who intend to keep one diet for weight lossor for those seeking to preserve all the nutrients of vegetables follow a healthy and balanced diet.

And not to mention their companionship ButterThey don’t need anything else! We share this recipe with you. steamed vegetables with butterThey are the easiest, healthiest and tastiest way to prepare a side dish that goes perfectly with all kinds of recipes. You can try accompanying it with a chicken milanese, a fish fillet or even a grilled salmon fillet.

How to steam vegetables with butter

  • To start our preparation of steamed vegetables, we must first wash and disinfect all the vegetables. Cut broccoli into florets; Cut carrots into slices, potatoes in half and zucchini into sticks.

  • Now put the water in a medium pot to boil until half of the pot is full. Bring to a boil and add salt to taste in the pot.

  • Once it starts boiling, add the vegetables to the hot water and cover. We continue to cook on low heat and turn it off after five minutes.

  • Remove the remaining water and add the butter immediately.

  • Remove the vegetables to distribute the butter, season with salt and pepper and serve while still hot. To enjoy!

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