Queen Elizabeth II’s secret menu: cereals, chocolate and junk food

Isabella II took the throne of United Kingdom for 70 years until his death yesterday, when I had 96 years. For decades at least a dozen chefs They passed Buckingham Palace Kitchen, London to order her food, as well as that of the kings and distinguished guests who visited her during her reign.

Despite her role at the head of the English monarchy, Elizabeth II she was the owner of a simple taste when it came to eating. Two of the chefs working for the royal household, and specifically catering to the sovereign’s gastronomic preferences, claimed their claims were far from what most might assume.

The Queen may have had the most sophisticated dishes at her disposal, yet she always sought simple preparations, it turns out. Darren McGrady, private chef to the British royal family for over a decade.

The expert has worked in the kitchens of Buckingham Palace and Kensington and also accompanied them on their journeys. In an interview with a British medium, McGrady revealed this Elizabeth II personally chose the menu for each day.

According to her words, the monarch respected her culinary routine and rarely went off schedule. He started the day with a cup of Earl Gray tea accompanied by some biscuits. But most of his mornings he ordered a bowl of it CROPS. Occasionally, when he was hungrier, he would order some scrambled eggs with smoked salmon and crushed truffles.

At lunchtime, Elizabeth II would ask McGrady “Something simple, like the fish with vegetables” and was happy “Have grilled Dover sole with spinach or sundried zucchini or just grilled chicken with a salad.”

Another former chef who worked at the palace in the early 1990s, Owen Hodgsonpointed out that one of the queen’s favorite dishes for lunch were tuna sandwichespresented in eight triangular sections of the same size.

Tea time

The Queen respected the English tradition of lat tea time. Their meals used to be accompanied by a sweet option: “Penny (cent) jam”or sandwich that he started consuming since childhood and that he ate until the last days of his life.

As McGrady explained, the recipe is very simple: Just bread and jam -usually strawberries- with a little butter”, listed. The queen’s jam was homemade and made with strawberries harvested in her gardens Balmoral Castle, Scotlandwhere he died.

Among the queen’s favorite sweets were chocolate cakes (especially a sampler covered in chocolate ganache), honey and cream, ginger and fruit and classic cookies English scones

Junk food at Buckingham Palace

The chef of the royal family confessed that although she was not a fan of Fast foodhe had a devotion to a dish: hamburgers. There was only one detail, the queen preferred to eat them without bread

“At Balmoral, they hunted deer and we prepared venison burgersbut never among the bread, the queen did not like it”McGrady said.

The chef also said that the monarch did not like pizza and that during the fifteen years of her stay in the palace, he did not serve her that dish even once. Instead, Isabel II preferred the traditional preparations of French kitchen.

For her dessert, the monarch repeated her request almost every night. “He loves chocolate. It’s her favorite and it has to be dark chocolate. The darker the better”finished the chef

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