Take a deep breath before you know what Lady Di’s favorite dishes were

Diana Spencer was a fan of healthy food. That’s what he always asked his chef.

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to be part of British kings It involves having chefs prepare whatever you want 24 hours a day, seven days a week, and although some would jump at the chance to order elaborate dishes and extravagant delicacy, the reality is different.

For example Mrs. Diwho always asked simple, low fat and super healthy food. According to his personal boss, Darren McGradyDiana always asked homemade food in a healthy version while William and Harry were allowed to eat whatever they wanted.

These are Diana Spencer’s favorite foods according to her personal chef.


Diana enjoyed a fresh juice in the morning, and her favorite was not the green one that Meghan likes, but the one that mixed carrots, celery, spinach and cilantro.

Stuffed eggplant or peppers

When dinner time came, there were two dishes that Diana liked: eggplant or peppers stuffed with a mixed vegetable that included mushrooms and zucchini.

boiled chicken

When William and Harry had rotisserie chicken for dinner, Diana asked her chef to prepare the poached chicken and serve it with a green salad. In this way, he ate with his children the food they liked, but in a healthy version.


Diana avoided eating red meat, but when she did she preferred lamb, one of the dishes she served to her guests.

tomato mousse

This English recipe is made with milk and cream, but Diana’s version was low-fat. Although it doesn’t sound that appetizing, Diana loved this dish.

Bread pudding

And while she liked to watch what she ate, when it came to dessert, who could resist a raisin bread pudding. According to Chef McGrady, when Diana asked him to make this bread, she would sit in the kitchen chatting with him and eating raisins while he cooked them.

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