Two kitchen tricks to make a spectacular tuna tataki

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As we always tell you, learn from great chefs it is becoming easier and more accessible to everyone, and through different media, gastronomic congresses, seminars, social networks, books, TV programs… It must be said that, as with everything, some chefs can explain some of the methods they use. in cooking, the kitchen, but they don’t always have to share our style or our preferences. But today it is not so, in which we bring you a video in which you will see two kitchen tricks to make a spectacular tuna tataki in home.

And these culinary tips come from the hand of one of the most appreciated chefs in our geography, recognized with the highest distinction of the Guide Michelin, although detached from the stars of his own free will, we are talking about Danny Garcia, which currently we do not even know how many restaurants and kitchens it represents under the umbrella of the Dani García Group. The point is that he has incredible and extensive knowledge in the kitchen, but what does he tell us in the video to do what he considers the best. Tuna tatakiit’s simple and affordable for every home and professional cook, whether amateur or expert.

So take note if one of your favorite tuna preparations is available Tatakior Traditional Japanese cooking technique in which a piece of fish is seared over high heat on all sides, browning it but leaving the inside raw. We love it, and although we’re not sure, it might be that the first time we tried it was at the old NODO run by Chef Alberto Chicote. In fact, we made his recipe some time later, a wonderful dish such as Tataki Tuna with ajoblanco.

Next time we do it we will apply it Dani Garcia tricks to make one spectacular tuna tataki. And you will probably want to try it too, so keep in mind these tips that should make it easier to perfect the tataki technique and that we can bring to the table and enjoy with our dinners the best tataki of tuna fish (also applicable to other fish) made so far, perhaps.

First Lies is to decide parchment paper in a pan or skillet to prevent the fish from sticking and so that, according to the chef, it receives less impact from the heat source. It’s probably the last thing we’d think of, because we just like the outside of the fish to be well fried and crispy, but we’ll give it a try. Of course, Dani García’s tataki recipe is different, because then he coats the tuna with sesame seeds and these already give the crunchy touch.

As for the trick of using parchment paper to cook fish, you already know that we apply it when we have to cook fish (or other food) that is delicate, we explained it to you in this post. And the second trick of the chef to make a good tataki is Cool the fish quickly so that it does not continue to cook with residual heat, for this, it is enough to immerse it in a water bath of opposite, that is, water with ice cubes.

Then we can follow Dani Garcia’s recipe to make your own Tuna tataki with sesame and pistachio sauce, it’s that simple. After the tataki is made and the stew is finished, it is coated with white sesame seeds. Then we continue with the preparation of the sesame sauce, which in this case is commercial, but you can choose homemade preparations such as these tahini sauces, this lemon sesame sauce…

The dish is also simple, we will cook the tataki on high heat roast the seeds and that it wasn’t cold, but Dani García doesn’t do that, he just cuts it into thick slices and presents them on a plate with fresh cucumber, chopped pistachios and sesame sauce. The dish is ready to be enjoyed, no doubt, it will be a pleasure.

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