We celebrate Peruvian Gastronomy Day with the best recipes on YouTube

The fame of Peruvian cuisine has crossed borders, so Peruvians and foreigners with good taste turn to YouTube to prepare the great dishes of Peru. Whether looking for the recipe for a classic ají de gallina, a mote soup or a juan, users find in the Google video platform an ally to enter this fascinating world of gastronomy.

This gourmet audience is hungry for ideas, tips and techniques to inspire them to make great dishes while having fun doing it.

In fact, since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, many Peruvians have found a space of escape in the kitchen from the isolation measures, for compulsion or pleasure. Already in 2020, the trend report presented by YouTube: Watching the Pandemic, showed that views of videos related to “sourdough bread” multiplied by five. And that was just the beginning.

What many thought was a fad is here to stay. Gastronomy has become an expression of culture, identity and heritage. A way to connect and make connections between people.

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In celebration of the Day of Peruvian Gastronomy, which is commemorated every second Sunday of September, YouTube becomes the perfect destination to meet more local creators who have found a space to connect with those recipes on the platform video. that reminds you of childhood, family and Peruvian identity.

Flavors of Peru: With almost 5 million total views and a community that exceeds 100k subscribers, this channel has a wide variety of preparations. That’s how we can find the recipe for the best wonton soup, a roast beef takacho, or the legendary pejerrey pan for breakfast.

Cooking with Akili: In April 2019, Akili opened his channel showing how to roast a pig’s head in the field. This guy from the town of Pampas (Huancavelica) gives us a look at the cuisine and recipes of the Peruvian highlands such as “grilled pork”, “roasted guinea pig” or the popular “lamb soup”.

Peruvian hands: Omar Elías is a connoisseur of Peruvian cuisine and to date his channel has more than 2 million views. His tight, didactic style makes every dish look easy to prepare. Among his most popular videos are Peruvian chicken, mostrito, stuffed potato, and the inevitable lomo saltado.

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Cholita Julia: The creator from Puno opened her channel in 2020 and is close to reaching 300 thousand subscribers. Julia shares with us her most traditional recipes while talking about her community and cultural heritage. On his channel he teaches us how to prepare typical dishes such as huatia de pig, breakfasts with cañihua or tantawas.

Let’s Eat!: With more than 500,000 subscribers and over 93 million views, this channel teaches us, side by side with its young creators, how to cook in minutes the most delicious dishes of our endless culinary tradition within the reach of every pocket. gravy, pachamanca or huancaíno red rice.

Sazón y Corazón: Do you like a roast beef, a marinade, a guinea pig gravy or a very Peruvian chilcano fish? Well, on this channel you will find these and many other recipes among main dishes, soups and desserts. His community exceeds 851 thousand subscribers and his most popular video is the green noodle recipe with 5.3 million views.

It’s never too late to put on your apron, prepare the pots and pans and start preparing the most characteristic dishes of Peru’s gastronomic heritage in the hands of local creators.

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