11 simple and cheap salad recipes. Ideal for any day of the week

or salad It doesn’t have to be boring. There are times when we think a salad consists of lettuce, tomato and sometimes cucumber and sanseacabo. But it doesn’t have to be like that, in fact the salads are very fresh, light and they have the great advantage of allowing you to experiment with ingredients, so you can have a wide variety of flavors, with simple and inexpensive recipes. The secret is to let our imaginations run wild.

We can add rice, pasta, potatoes and even fruit, which will give them a very fresh and juicy touch. Don’t stop using seasonal products, which, in addition to being of better quality and containing a greater amount of nutrients, can be found in abundant quantities and at very affordable prices.

We have almost always seen salads as dishes to accompany a main course or as food for people on a diet, but they don’t always have to be like that; a salad can have all the food groups in one and this is a simple and fresh way to make a complete meal when we don’t have much time to prepare more elaborate dishes.

We will share this list with you. 11 simple and cheap salad recipes. They are ideal to prepare every day, for every occasion. Also, including fresh foods in your diet and eating a salad every day can help you reach your goals. daily requirements of vegetable consumptionas long as you choose a variety of fruits and/or vegetables to include in yours salad.

summer salad

This local salad is very rich and satisfying, in addition to being a great option for a light dinner any day of the week. This delicious country salad is one summer recipe special to cool off on hot days, which is also a great idea to take a picnic away from home. it’s recipe it is so versatile that it can easily be prepared for a delicious and low-calorie dinner any day of the week and any time of the year.


detox salad

This particular salad recovers healthier foods and ingredients that will help us cleanse and purify our body, thus making us feel lighter and less bloated. Is one flavor bombit’s also super colorful and, as we already know, so much more fruits and vegetables of all colors Let’s include our daily intake, the better. We share with you this detox salad recipe.


Lettuce and Kale Salad with Peanuts

This lettuce and kale salad with peanuts is a great option when you want to eat something light, but without sacrificing protein, since. peanuts They are a very tasty, nutritious and economical way to add protein to your dishes. Also, these are quite a resource good fat Y healthy fiber. AND kale seaweed is one superfoods With me.


Lettuce, avocado and grapefruit salad with mint and olive vinaigrette

This recipe we are sharing with you below is a super refreshing salad, with one intense but very balanced tasteIn addition, the preparation does not take more than half an hour. I recommend using fresh ingredients of the best quality to enhance its taste. We share this recipe for lettuce, avocado and grapefruit salad, ideal for the afternoon hot summer.


Fresh cucumber and cherry tomato salad

This Cucumber and Cherry Tomato Salad is a very basic and inexpensive recipe that never ceases to amaze with its incredible flavor. Both cucumbers Like cherry tomatoes They are very tasty and refreshing on their own, plus they have a large amount of water which will help you fill up faster. The best of all is that goes with any dish what you want to prepare


Roasted beetroot salad with goat cheese

You have beet in the pantry and you don’t know what to prepare with them? We share with you this delicious recipe to prepare a fresh roasted beet salad with goat cheese. It has a very balanced and delicious taste, it is also perfect for this the hot season.


Spaghetti salad with sweet and sour cucumber

of cucumber It is one of the most used ingredients for salads. All you have to do is grate or slice it, add some lemon, salt and chili and voilaThere is one left salad fresh enough with which we can accompany our food, or even a snack at any time of the day. But how about giving it a totally delicious twist salad? You can try this delicious recipe of Spaghetti Salad with Sweet and Sour Cucumber. Instead of grating or slicing the cucumber, let’s clean that tool to do it Spaghetti With Vegetables. Let’s do it.


Surimi salad, cabbage and carrots

This is an evolved version of the classic American recipe cabbage salad which we usually eat to accompany a hamburger or a cold chicken. Is one simple and cheap recipe, we show you how to prepare this surimi, cabbage and carrot salad. The taste will surprise you.


Jicama and Pineapple Salad with Chili Tree

taking advantage of seasonal ingredients, we recommend you prepare this delicious jicama and pineapple salad with chile dearbol. By playing a little with the traditional combination of sour, sweet and spicy flavors, we can achieve a lot rich and healthy. In a few minutes you can have a delicious and refreshing dish.



of chart It is a recipe originating from countries like Lebanon, Syria or Morocco. I love it because it is one salad with a very special taste, but it is still fresh and can accompany any dish. It can be eaten with any protein, but I also like to add it to tacos or accompany it with classic falafels. We share this recipe for Tabula, very Mexicanized for a change.


Potato salad with corn

We end the day wanting to rest, but a quick dinner doesn’t hurt. That’s why we share this simple and delicious recipe Potato Salad with Corn If you’ve invited a friend over for dinner, he’ll love it. Best of all, if you already have the boiled ingredients in the fridge, it won’t even take 10 minutes to prepare. You can also use canned food. Enjoy it!


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