3 healthy and original salads that will help you beat the heat

This summer the heat is not giving us respite and it also affects our way of eating. Salads are a complete, nutritious and healthy dish, but not all are created equal, we can prepare them to control weight, or choose foods that increase our mood, energy and we can even configure the perfect salad to take care of the skin by protecting it from the harmful effects of the star king. Consider these three simple and original salad recipes healthy that offers El Santiamén restaurant (C/ Fernández de los Ríos, 8, in Madrid).

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What is the origin of the salad?

It is a universal dish with endless possibilities. From the classic mixed salad, to fruit salads, with fish, chicken, cheese, vegetable varieties… the salad is international and the star dish in summer recipes.

Etymological origin of the word “salad” It is believed to come from the Latin term “herb salad” which the Romans called raw vegetables seasoned with water and salt.

Can you believe that there is evidence that lettuce has been eaten since 600 BC? Apparently Persians already enjoyed salads on their menus in ancient times. It was also well received in Ancient Egypt as they grew vegetables and gathered fruit.

Today it is a starter or a single dish in lunches and dinners all over the planet, a versatile concept in which you can make many combinations, renew and mix to get different, healthy and delicious salads.

Salad today

According to the dictionary Gastronomic Larousse, salad is a “dish of fresh vegetables or cold foods, seasoned with a cold dressing, which is served as an appetizer, as an entree, or before eating cheese.” Are you curious about cheese? And they also differ three types of salads:

Green salads: They are prepared with vegetable leaves, the most used being lettuce. After them come Batavia lettuce, romaine, escarole, curly chicory, endive and watercress. Small leafy vegetables are also important: spinach, lamb’s lettuce, arugula, radicchio or watercress,!even the sprouts!. These green salads, which can also be cooked, are served raw and generally dressed with vinaigrette, and sometimes flavored and with small products (croutons, diced ham, cheese, onion, garlic, etc.).

Simple salads: They are made from a single basic ingredient, raw or cooked, which is served cold with a cold sauce. This class includes vegetables, meat and crustaceans “in salad”.

Mixed salads: These more elaborate preparations combine different products, always well equipped. Simple or elaborate ingredients can intervene, but always with a contrast of flavors. The accompanying sauce, according to the products, should not hide their taste. Mixed salads are served as a starter, with hot or cold roasts or as a single dish. From this catalog are the recipes that we propose below. Run for your recipe book!

Healthy and original salad recipes

burrata salad
Burrata salad. / Santiamen

burrata salad

Burrata is a traditional dairy product typical of Southern Italy which is made from mozzarella and by-products such as cream or bread and filata pasta that form what is called straciatella.

It source of essential amino acids and conjugated linoleic acid (CLA), a fatty acid that has antidiabetic and antithrombotic effects. It also has probiotics that help keep our microbiota healthy. It is a fresh and perfect food to nourish the body on a summer day.

Recipe: To prepare the burrata salad you need baked and warm or cold sweet potatoes, cherry tomatoes and basil. Put burrata and tomatoes on the sweet potato, decorate with some basil and dress with a little extra virgin olive oil, salt and pepper. Enjoy your meal!

oriental salad
Eastern salad. / Santiamen

oriental salad

Of the three, perhaps the oriental salad is the most complete and nutritious. There are diuretic vegetables and vegetables full of fiber which prevents intestinal pressure. Omega 3 thanks to salmon fatty acids, calcium provided by roasted sesame, probiotics, antioxidants, healthy fats… and also with that exotic oriental touch that we love so much and appreciate to break out of the typical basic summer salads.

You will need: Cubes of salmon previously marinated in soy and sesame sauce, beetroot, cucumber, avocado, red onion, crispy corn and a soy and honey vinaigrette. Voila!

papaya salad
papaya salad / Santiamen

papaya salad

If you want get in shape, protect your skin and give yourself a boost of energy, sign up for the papaya salad. Papaya is a good diuretic due to its water content, it is an antioxidant as it contains lycopene, its vitamin A content improves skin health and, thanks to vitamin C, it increases defense naturally.

Papaya too It is one of the most digestive fruits in existence, recommended for many gastric problems. thanks to being rich in papain, an enzyme that helps the passage of the intestines, as well as having anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties. Doing the opposite in this salad, is goat cheesewhich combines perfectly with the rest of the ingredients: caramelized walnut, green apple, peanuts and Modena vinaigrette. Yum!

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