3 Healthy Fruit Smoothies by Alejandra Rubio (daughter of Terelu Campos)

There is nothing better than start your morning with a healthy breakfast to help us face the day, full of energy! Alejandra Rubio, daughter of Terelu Camposit’s very clear…

And so he teaches us in his stories on instagram. As you can see in the video, rich people cannot be absent in their daily life. fruit smoothiea fantastic resource to maintain a healthy and balanced diet.

The truth is that in granddaughter of Maria Teresa Campos you are not running out of ideas. Alejandra Rubio prepares shakes with various and whole fruits, blending them bananas, strawberries, pomegranates

mint fruit smoothie

mint fruit smoothie


Healthy fruit smoothie for breakfast

Healthy fruit smoothie with impact
Instagram @alerubioc

We have selected three fruit smoothies from Easy Kitchen, but they are not the only ones you will find. In her highlights, the daughter of Terelu Campos is adding new ones Rich and balanced fruit smoothie recipes.

You just have to choose your favorite fruits, add them to the blender and mix them with milk to give it consistency. We, for example, love them with kiwi, orange and mango. Hmm…

She prepared them with oat drinka perfect option for those who are lactose intolerant, you will get an easier result.

And, to give them an extra flavor, add some ground peanuts or cinnamon. delicious!

Banana as the main fruit

healthy breakfast smoothie
Instagram @alerubioc

But if there’s one fruit that can’t be missing from any of your healthy smoothies, it’s the banana. The influencer uses it as a base from most of their recipes.

And it doesn’t surprise us, because besides being a super versatile fruit, its texture and aroma are ideal for these types of drinks.

The truth is that the banana is also ideal for make a healthy cake. And if you add a little vanilla essence on top, the result is fantastic.

Want more healthy smoothie recipes? Get this download where you’ll find more options for easy, quick and very filling fruit smoothies. You will love them all!

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