5 books with the easiest and most delicious vegetarian recipes

People who follow a vegetarian lifestyle do not consume any kind of meat or fish, although they do eat eggs, cheese or dairy. Nowadays, more and more people choose to follow one vegetarian diet, whether it’s about ethics and personal beliefs or simply about following a healthier diet. Within vegetarianism, a movement that is sustainable with the environment and that contributes to reducing the effects of climate change, there are several trends. For example, there are people who decide to follow a flexitarian diet, meaning they only eat meat or fish occasionally.

Whatever your case may be and unlike what you might think, it does exist a wide variety of foods that can be consumed by vegetarians. And of course there is too many different ways to make them. For this reason, we have selected 5 vegetarian recipe books, available on Amazon at a reasonable price, which they collect on their pages. different and delicious recipes. A characteristic that all specimens have in common is that their processing is easy and fast so lack of time will no longer be an excuse. They also include practical tips and information about foods that will allow you to discover all their properties and benefits.

‘Easy and delicious vegetable recipes’ by Jamie Oliver

'Easy and delicious vegetable recipes' by Jamie Oliver
‘Easy and delicious vegetable recipes’ by Jamie Oliver

The British chef Jamie Oliver, throughout the 312 pages of this book published by the Grijalbo publishing house, summarizes innovative and delicious vegetarian recipes. With more than two decades of professional experience behind him, Oliver has inspired thousands of people around the world and has now decided to promote healthy cooking with vegetarian recipes.

The author has received culinary references from around the world and proposes recipes that will not let you miss meat: from the simplicity of a sandwich or a salad, through more elaborate dishes such as curries or stews, to hamburgers, rice dishes or noodles. Some of the recipes can be prepared as an original snack, but also as a main dish to surprise at home or to reduce meat in your diet. The book is available in hardcover format.

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‘Simple. The World’s Easy Vegetarian + Jean-François Mellet Cookbook

Simple.  The World's Easy Vegetarian + Jean-François Mellet Cookbook
Simple. The World’s Easy Vegetarian + Jean-François Mellet Cookbook

Jean-François Mellet’s book, published by the Larousse publishing house, is a guide to quick, easy and delicious vegetarian recipes that don’t need more than six ingredients. It belongs to the ‘Simplísimo’ collection, whose sole purpose is to publish original recipes that are easy to prepare. In this case, the number is dedicated only to vegetarian food.

The book, available in hardcover format, is highly visual and intuitive, as each page contains the strictly essentials: pictures of ingredients, preparation time, short and concise steps to follow, and a full page photo of the final result.

304 page innovation through delicious recipes and above all different. You will learn to cook avocado spring rolls, green beans with peanuts, sweet potato curry, ginger and soy spaghetti or a leek and onion pastry cake, among many other dishes. The author has combined his experience in the world of reportage and photography with his passion for food, as he currently travels around the world to study the gastronomy of different countries.

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‘1,101 Vegetarian Recipes’ by Bodymind

'1,101 Vegetarian Recipes' by Bodymind
‘1,101 Vegetarian Recipes’ by Bodymind

The book ‘1101 vegetarian recipes’ belongs to the magazine Cuerpomente, which has been responsible for the publication for many years. content for healthy and environmentally friendly cooking. In this book, available in hardcover and Kindle, they compile 1,101 recipes that stand out for their taste and simplicity.

In this way, the home of a vegetarian will stand out for the illusion and variety of different dishes every day. The way the book is structured, classified by category, allows you to organize the weekly menu in a more efficient way. All recipes are explained perfectly and in detailcontain information on the nutritional contribution, as well as preparation and rest times.

The recipes are also adapted for the products of the season and the four seasons. Likewise, there is an index by ingredients for easy checking wide variety of options. You can cook rice, pasta, casseroles, sandwiches, pizzas, sauces and any dish you can imagine. The book is available in hardcover and Kindle.

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‘Delicias Kitchen: More than 100 Easy Vegetarian Recipes to Take Care of Yourself by Eating Healthy’ by Isa Gil

'Delicias Kitchen Over 100 Easy Vegetarian Recipes to Take Care of Yourself by Eating Healthy' by Isa Gil
‘Delicias Kitchen Over 100 Easy Vegetarian Recipes to Take Care of Yourself by Eating Healthy’ by Isa Gil

Isa Gil is the creator of the vegetarian cooking blog Delicias Kitchen. Now, he has entered the literary world with the publication of his first book, in which he collects a wide variety of vegetarian recipes made with plant products. 90% of the dishes that Isa proposes are vegan and gluten-free. In each of them, in addition to the steps to be followed for the preparation of the meals, it also gives advice and practical information about ingredients that you use

The author intends promote love for vegetarian cuisine and the possibility of choosing a varied and healthy diet without consuming any kind of meat. Freshness stands out in all its details, warmth and well-being at the same time, the feeling that only home-made food prepared with care and love can convey. The 256-page book is available in hardcover and Kindle versions.

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“Delicious Vegetables: Over 100 Tempting Vegetarian Recipes” by Georgina Fuggle

“Delicious Vegetables Over 100 Tempting Vegetarian Recipes” by Georgina Fuggle

Georgina Fuggle’s book, translated into Spanish by Gemma Fors Soriano, packs more than 150 vegetarian recipes into its 176 pages. It is a complete nutritional guide that seeks to obtain the best possible from vegetables and plant products. In addition, the author also focuses on the healing properties of more than 175 foods, which helps to recognize their properties and choose seasonal products.

The dishes you will learn to prepare with this book are combined dietary benefits classified according to health areas, as well as suggestions for cooking food in a simple way and tips to get the most out of the products mentioned. You will find everything from energetic breakfasts, to lunches, dinners, appetizers and even desserts.

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