5 sponge cakes that ALWAYS turn out well

There is nothing compared to taking that first bite a sponge cake. If it is dry, compact and without volume, no matter how rich it is, it will not be pleasant to take even a small piece.

For this reason, we want to propose you these five sponge cake recipes with different flavors because with the tricks we will give you, They will be perfect the first time.

If you’re good at savory dishes, but pancakes, for some mysterious reason, continue to elude you, it’s because you haven’t tried to make these recipes to the letter. Yes, because sweets are not worth improvising.

Even the simplest cake preparation requires a certain technique and a step-by-step detail. And although you don’t have to be too thin when measuring quantities, you should keep in mind a few tricks so that your cake is really fluffy.

We reveal it all to you and give it to you five ideas to get you started trying desserts.

1. Cake with milk

milk cake

This moist sponge contains milk and also vanilla essence. It is fluffy, with a problematic aroma And it is also very easy to prepare.

But yes, you should follow the instructions to the letter, especially the temperature ones (bake in the oven at 150ยบ for 50 minutes). Since it is a cake that is eaten cold, you should let it rest for about 4 hours in the refrigerator before eating it.

2. Lemon cake

Lemon cake

Lemon sponge cake is a pastry classic and a good place to start if you are not very familiar with sweet cuisine.

To make this cake, and in general for everyone, it is important to sift the flour (and all the ingredients that come in powder) so that there are no lumps.

This sponge cake recipe is very rich because made with lemon juice and zest and a secret ingredient is also added that gives it a spectacular point, condensed milk.

3. Yogurt cake

Yoghurt cake

Using sour cream to make sponge cake is ideal. Cookies are fluffier And they are usually easier to make. In this recipe, you can measure the amount of the rest of the ingredients with the glass of yogurt itself.

Easier and more practical impossible. This means you don’t need a kitchen scale and make a lot less mess. The yogurt used to make this cake is natural without sugar, but as you understand you can use flavored yogurt to give it a special touch.

4. Chocolate cake

Moist Chocolate Cake

Another dessert classic is the chocolate cake. The thing about this recipe isn’t that it’s runny, it’s that it has a texture that’s from another planet. It is easier to perform than it looks and how it has truffles on top If desired, it can be served as a cake.

Why is it so juicy? Because it is made with milk and water, and in addition to butter, soft olive or sunflower oil is added. The chocolate used is powdered, so don’t forget to sift it.

5. Carrot cake

Carrot and walnut cake

When you’ve had some practice with cookies, you can encourage yourself to make a carrot cake with walnuts.

get some ginger to give it a spicy touch which is going great. A lemon glaze that just adds to all its flavor and aromas, grated carrot and walnuts.

You can make it with whole wheat flour If you prefer.

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