Accuracy and convenience: this is the digital kitchen scale that exceeds 100 thousand reviews

When cooking and preparing different recipes, several aspects must be taken into account so that the dishes are perfect and their taste is as we imagine; One of them is the correct weighing of the ingredients, since adding the correct amount will help us achieve an optimal result and avoid surprises when the preparation is ready. For this it is useful to have a scale that supports us in measuring the ingredients and what better than a digital one so that we do not have to adjust anything or make mistakes.

In the Showroom we have chosen digital scales for kitchen sales on Amazon Chile, which already exceeds 100,000 ratings.



When preparing more elaborate foods, we normally need to have a scale on hand to help us with the exact amounts, especially if we are following a recipe. Therefore, this digital kitchen scale will be a great option for you. There is a design stainless steel platform, with anti-fingerprint technology so that you can easily clean it at any time. It is small and easy to store in any kitchen space or take it on a trip if you need it. It supports volume measurement, has a purple backlight display and low battery indicator.

“I bought this scale for easy access. I weigh foods to help reduce inflammation, for better health, and for convenience,” says one Amazon user.



The digital scale is equipped with four high-precision sensors so that your dishes are perfect, as shown in the recipe. It has a capacity of around five kilograms and is ideal for baking and cooking.

is correct tare function (for weighing smaller ingredients and liquids in your chosen bowl), you can reset the actual weight on the scale to zero and perform a quick unit conversion. It turns off after two minutes of inactivity in case you forget to turn it off or get food on your hands. Includes two AAA batteries.

“Small size, but perfect. It has the function of removing the weight of the container before weighing the food. Auto power off saves batteries. Works great for me!” says user Stacey.


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