Arguiñano’s Potato Recipe in Just 2 Minutes That Will Get You Out of Trouble – Cooking

Carlos Arguinano It is a kitchen reference in every home. The chef has spent years sneaking into our homes through the screen with his recipes, which have been passed down from generation to generation and are so simple that in many cases they get us out of trouble. This is the case of this dish that he has presented on this occasion and which requires very simple ingredients that we all have around, such as potatoes which are the main ingredient.

This recipe doesn’t have a name, but for him they are “ideal potatoes”, and he is absolutely right because they look very, very good. In addition, it is very easy to prepare and it will take only 2 minutes to make it. Although yes, later you have to put them in the oven and wait another 40 minutes, but you can use them to prepare other recipes, to do other pending jobs you have at home or just to relax pass the time and prepare what. it will surely become one of your star dishes.

Arguiñano’s favorite potato recipe

You only need four main ingredients for this recipe: potatoes, olive oil, butter and rosemary, except add salt and pepper to taste to add more flavor to the dish. The important thing is that the potatoes are well washed and all the ones you use are more or less the same size as they are ideal to be used as garnishes and in this way no one gets angry because they have more than the one sitting next to them. tables.. And it will only take you 2 minutes to run it.

The second step is to cut the potatoes without the knives reaching all the way, making small cuts so that the oil sinks in like butter and they are very tasty. “They are ideal”, Carlos Arguiñano himself promised in the video in which he explained the recipe from his kitchen. Later you should pour salt and oil on top, and then add a knob of butter and minced thyme, fresh or dried, to each. “It is another way of eating potatoes“, commented the cook. And, the last step after these 2 minutes of preparation, is putting the tray where we put the potatoes in the oven.

Baked Potatoes with a Twist

Little by little you will be able to see how the butter is melting and browning until it is done. Arguiñano’s recommendation is that they be inside oven 40 minutes at 180 or 200 degrees, depending on the power of the device. “Let them bake there, rich, rich to be there to lick our fingers,” he added, telling himself that “they’ll have to look good because Arguinano is the one who rules here.” Well, we have to say that our mouths are watering!

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