Cajun-style salmon with butter and honey, an easy way to eat fish

If you want to change the register to salmon recipes, this Cajun-style version is very easy to prepare, quick and extremely flavorful. This dish is perfect for both a special occasion and everyday use, and the way it is cooked, simply with the oven rack, will make the salmon extremely juicy.

The grace of this recipe lies directly in the spices, of course, which mixed with butter and honey creates a wonderful preparation that if we make a lot we can keep it to put on top of any meat, pasta or even to coat a sandwich filled with cheese. For the Cajun spice mix, it’s usually easiest to buy them as they are, but if you can’t find them that way, you can make a homemade preparation from paprika, garlic powder, onion powder, oregano, thyme, ground cayenne , mustard. seeds and white pepper.

The first thing will be to beat the butter, which should be creamy and then mix with the spices and honey. The secret is that the only heat in the oven is that of the grill and it is best not to close the oven at all, so that the salmon is slightly cooked inside and therefore juicier. We can also use this trick for other salmon recipes such as baked salmon with onions and tomatoes, salmon with cava sauce, teriyaki salmon with seaweed salad or baked salmon with bacon and caramelized onions.

As an accompaniment, on this occasion, there were some baby potatoes previously cooked and grated with their skins on, and some live peppers that are cooked only with the heat of the oven. But it could also be some roasted cherry tomatoes or a green salad like avocado zucchini cheese salad or Asian slaw dressing. If left over, this salmon will be perfectly shredded and turned into a Cajun-style salmon cream or to finish off a pasta dish.

Cajun Spiced Salmon Recipe


  • Salmon loins, 700 g

  • Butter, 100 gr

  • Extra virgin olive oil, 2 teaspoons

  • Cajun seasoning mix, 2 tbsp

  • smoked paprika, 1 teaspoon

  • Ground black pepper, 1/2 teaspoon

  • Ground garlic, 1/2 teaspoon

  • Salt, 1 teaspoon

  • Honey, 2 tablespoons

  • Baby Mashed Potatoes and Peppers, Side Dish (optional)

Step 1

Clean the salmon loins very well, remove any bones they may have with tweezers and cut the salmon into individual pieces. It is best to make four 700 gram pieces of salmon as similar as possible. Reserve in the refrigerator. Never run through fresh water.

Step 2

Beat the butter, which should be creamy, with the help of a few sticks until it turns white and becomes fluffy. As if assembled.

Step 3

In a bowl, mix all the seasoning ingredients. We add two tablespoons of spices to the butter (according to the taste of each one, if we want it to be more powerful, it is enough to add more spices. We also add honey and beat it very well.

Step 4

Cut the previously boiled and cooled baby potatoes and arrange them at the bottom of the oven tray along with the peppers. Brush the salmon with a little olive oil and add a little salt and place it in the pan, skin side down.

step 5

Heat the oven rack to maximum and, when very hot, insert the tray for 2 minutes.

Step 6

Place a few pearls of the spicy butter on top of the salmon and also a few on top of the potatoes and put back in the oven, on an elevated position, for about five or six minutes until it starts to brown on top.

Step 7

Sprinkle with a little more of the spice mix if desired and let sit for a few minutes before serving. Remove the salmon and mix the potatoes and peppers with what’s left in the pan so they’re infused with all the flavor.

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