Cook a fish, the perfect cooking manual to bet on a healthy and tasty dish with which you will give a change to your weekly menus

With the arrival of September, publishers regain their pulse and among the most anticipated publications for this new gastronomic season is Cook a fish. A recipe book that is not too late and that we can already find in bookstores to have in our library a perfect cookbook to bet on a
healthy and delicious dish with which to give a twist to our weekly menus.

Published by Gastro Planet, the new work of Josh Niland, the Australian chef known as “the fish butcher”, this colorful book is poised to revolutionize the way
we cook, eat and handle fish. A mission that Che has been carrying out for years and which has been awarded the James Beard Award for the best book of the year and the André Simón Gastronomic Award.

Cover of Cook a Fish, the new book by Josh Niland. /GASTRO PLANET

Cook a fish consists of sixty recipes that cover
fifteen kinds of fish ranging from breaded swordfish escalope, through a pot au feu with grouper to a tofu mapu tuna or a very delicate raw nibble. For Josh Niland, there are no rules when it comes to enjoying fish, just an endless universe of fascinating culinary possibilities.

The Australian chef’s recipes take advantage of every fish from head to tail to teach us how to
maximize the performance of each part and to convince ourselves that we should not limit ourselves by taking advantage of the usual proposals, fillets and include other cuts in our creations.

Josh Niland’s Swordfish Tacos. /GASTRO PLANET

As Niland showed in his first book, All Fish, any fish that is in good condition offers us up to 90 percent of its usable and tasty potential, almost double the usual yield. So from each fish we could get the yield of two and thus contribute to
catch half a fish. Therefore, with this book, Niland not only wants readers to enjoy simple and delicious recipes, but also one that contributes to approaching the world of fish in a more sustainable way.

How to handle the fish, how to make use of the waste and offal or how to store it in a way that enables us to make it more profitable are some of the keys that Niland raises in this work in which we can also
learn how to buy it more efficiently. And every recipe is adaptable to any fish within our reach.

Josh Niland with a portion of his favorite food. / GASTRO PLANET

To achieve this, with each of the fish that he proposes at the beginning of each chapter, he guides us
the best alternatives that fit perfectly with each of your recipes. And in order to better understand each of the parts we buy, it gives us clues about the aspects to look for when we do so. It also includes
the best ways to prepareranging from raw to cooked, going through fried, baked or roasted and the flavors that go best with them.

With these notes, Niland gives way to his recipes, which, as expected from a chef of his stature, are unusual creations that will undoubtedly be perfect to surprise our guests. And it does it with fish that we can
find with any fishermansuch as sardines, herring, grouper, mullet, king mackerel, tuna or swordfish among others.

Josh Niland’s Spectacular Tuna Lasagna. / GASTRO PLANET

Niland’s dedication to getting the most out of fish is best exemplified in the cookbook’s first fish, sardines. As the chef himself admits, many of us have grown up believing this
its natural habitat is the can. And to demonstrate all its possibilities, it offers us recipes such as sardines in embers, salted or in a pastry cream cake with caramel garum sardines.

In its almost three hundred pages, Cook a Fish shows us how the tuna we buy at the fishmonger can also be the protagonist of
a delicious lasagna or some koftas, how to make swordfish an ideal ingredient for tacos or how to make a mackerel curry inspired by the legendary David Thomas recipe. of
group burgersnapper quiche or grouper sandwich are other Niland creations that are surprising for their originality and versatility.

For its value as an excellent collection of ideal recipes to break out of the ordinary, Cook a Fish is perfect for learning techniques that make it easier for us to handle fish, from how
open the fish in the butterfly for everything we need to know to preserve it perfectly and preserve all its properties and taste. In short, an essential manual for culinary lovers who want to know more about the universe of their fish and its great possibilities.

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