Croquettes with Iberian ham

One of the most delicious foods to try in the kitchen is Iberian ham. This nutritious food is capable of surprising every taste in different types of recipes.

To try something different, you can prepare some Iberian ham croquettes, a simple and quick recipe that guarantees a delicious and healthy meal for the family.

Recipe for Iberian ham croquettes

It’s for a recipe that anyone can prepare at homeas the ingredients are easy to obtain and do not require much experience to enjoy a delicious result.

To prepare this recipe for croquettes with Iberian ham from Los Pedrochespeople should have the following ingredients.

One liter of whole milk and 500 ml of cream, it is also necessary to have 150 grams of ham Iberian, and a ham bone. In addition, you must have 80 grams of butter, 250 grams of onion, 130 grams of flour and 60 cl of olive oil.

Two eggs, flour and breadcrumbs are required for the croquette dough. You can’t miss salt and pepper to taste either.

Method of preparation

The preparation of the recipe is simple and takes a little time, surely to get delicious Iberian ham croquettes. In a container, boil the milk together with the cream, adding the ham bone and then cook for about 20 minutes on a low heat.

In another container, pour the oil with the butterletting it heat up for a while, only after you put the very finely chopped onion, waiting for it to brown while stirring it well.

Once the onion is fried, add the finely chopped Iberian ham and fry for a while. Next flour is placed and removed often, so that it sticks to the whole ham.

Let it simmer on a low heat for a few minutes and then add the milk and cream slowly, stirring very well to avoid lumps. Let it cook for ten minutes, as during this time, it is important to always stir the preparationotherwise it will stick to the bottom of the container.

Then add salt and pepper, also if you have nutmeg you can use it in the preparation.

After mixing, the mixture is transferred to a low container and stored in the refrigerator overnight, so it is important to keep this in mind if you want to prepare the croquettes for a special occasion.

After this time, it is removed from the refrigerator and parts of the small dough are taken, to form croquettes. Go through the flour and shake to remove the excess and finally go through a beaten egg and breadcrumbs.

Now they are ready to be fried with enough oil in a large and deep pan, this makes it easier to cook them, avoiding the raw parts.

All the ingredients to make the croquettes are easy to get at any store, so It is a simple recipe to prepare at home.for those special occasions where you want to surprise the family.

How to accompany croquettes?

Iberian ham croquettes are a delicious food on their own, but if they are accompanied by the right sauces, it is possible to improve their taste. There are several recommended sauces to eat with the croquettes, such as port, alioli, tomato, roquefort or barbecue sauce.

There are sauces that are more complex to prepare and require more ingredients than others.

The choice of sauce will depend on how much time you want to spend in the kitchen and the occasion, as several sauces can be prepared to offer different tastes to diners.

In addition to sauces, ham croquettes can be accompanied by a salad with vinaigrette-dressed lettuce, cabbage and carrots, or cabbage and carrots, dressed with mayonnaise.

Even some chips are a great combination to accompany the croquettes as a main course. Without a doubt, Iberian ham croquettes are a wonderful recipe to enjoy at home.

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