Dare to try TikTok’s loudest and most viral sandwich with 21 ingredients

A ‘tiktoker’ surprises her followers by making a sandwich that is trending on social media

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In the social network TikTok you can find all kinds of videos. Users enjoy the most unusual dances, home tricks to make your life easier on a daily basis and surprising cooking recipes. Such is the case with this sandwich that is breaking the mold and being imitated and copied by many of the users who have discovered it.

21 Viral sandwich with ingredients | Photo courtesy of TikTok

Sandwiches will always be a reference point of world gastronomy and, in Spain, they have always been one of the most popular foods. Whether at home or out, a ‘sandwich’ is always welcome. The fact is that usually the sandwich or snack is discreetly made with two or three ingredients at most inside the bun.

However, on TikTok it is very common to come across sandwiches of XXL size or filled with ingredients that we could not even imagine. There are many users who like to innovate to give their followers ideas and thus prepare the most innovative and viral sandwiches.

These are the 21 ingredients

This is the case of user Gray Fultz who has viralized a sandwich consisting of 21 ingredients on TikTok! Followers of this particular chef are hallucinating over the sandwich and the imitations are constant. The mix of ingredients is totally explosive and has thoughts for all tastes.

The sandwich consists of the following ingredients: Focaccia bread, sliced ​​cheese, turkey, sliced ​​ham, gabagool (an Italian cold meat), soppressata (a type of sausage), cooked bacon, pepperoni, grated parmesan, garlic, mayonnaise, red wine vinegar, oregano , sliced ​​pepperonchinis (a type of chili pepper), pepper, salt, chili, red onion, iceberg lettuce, tomato, and olive oil.

When you have all the ingredients ready, it will be time to watch this tiktoker’s video that will teach you how to prepare it completely. Of course, what seems clear is that people with heavy digestion should think about this before preparing it. This sandwich is a real ‘bomb’ for the stomach.

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