Doña Angela shares the perfect dessert if you can’t buy candy for your kids

Mrs. Angelafrom the famous canal From my farm to your kitchenis not only the queen of to YouTubehas also entered the world of TIK Tok where through video shorts share theirs recipe traditional and homely, and of course a lot of his culinary wisdom from his farm, this time he shares a very special recipe, as he shows us how to prepare a dessert delicious, easy and with one story very emotional back.

of dessert made of pasta dry noodlesis the dessert that Mrs. Angela prepared his own boys when they wanted something sweet, since she herself does not count them video who went up to TIK Tokbefore life was quite difficult, so when the children asked him a little money to buy some candy at the store, she used her ingenuity and creativity to make a simple dessert with just 2 ingredients.

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