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Colombians in Bogotá, Medellín, Cali, Barranquilla, Bucaramanga and Pereira will be able to taste the new chicken preparations that the participants will offer between September 2 and 11 and choose their favorites in each city.

The “Chicken Festival” returns, an activity that celebrates its 10th anniversary in 2022. In this new edition, the event aims to promote the creativity of restaurants, chicken and fast food restaurants, so that they can participate with new recipes and ways to prepare this delicious white protein.

Pais will be able to taste the new chicken preparations that participants will be offering from today, September 2 and 11, and choose their favorites in each city.

Competitors will be awarded in the following categories: chicken grill, restaurants and fast food, whose prize “El Pollo de Oro Star” will be distributed on October 25 within the framework of the “La Barra” awards.

Luis Rodolfo Álvarez, director of the Fenavi-FONAV Chicken Program, explains that this year the activity aims to “encourage the consumption of chicken meat and promote sales in restaurants with unique recipes at affordable prices, in addition to increasing the presence of chicken meat in menu. of restaurants to meet the needs of consumers with innovations in participatory preparations”.

Residents of Medellin will be able to go to any of the 28 restaurants participating in the “Chicken Festival” to vote for their favorite dish by scanning the QR code that will be available in each establishment and giving the participating dish a rating from 1 to 10. where 1 is a bad experience and 10 an excellent experience.

In order for their vote to be valid, the residents of Medellin will have to attach the image of the bill or the bill of consumption.

To find out which restaurants, fast food places and chicken joints are participating in the event, you can visitwww.festivaldelpollo.com and find the nearest or most convenient point for them. They will be priced between $13,900 and $22,900 special while public voting is open.

“It is important for consumers to know that these special prices will only be valid during the ten days set for voting, that is between September 2 and 11”, explains Luis Rodolfo.

As guest judges are Leonor Espinosa, named this year as the best chef in the world, Juan Manuel Barrientos, creator and founder of the restaurant chain “El Cielo”, with two Michelin stars, and Basque chef Koldo Miranda, with one Michelin star . , which will select the best of each city in the three categories.

Also, for the 2022 edition of the “Chicken Festival” a special prize has been created that Fenavi-FONAV wants to overcome in time, called “Golden Star of Chicken” and which will be awarded to the winners of each category for the city. .

Finally, “Fenavi wants to reach everyone in the country with the ‘Colombian Chicken’ brand and we are making a big effort to promote its consumption among people between 25 and 45 years old,” says Luis Rodolfo Álvarez.

Luis Rodolfo Alvarez

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