Entomatada with cheese, so you can prepare this delicious Mexican dish

of enchiladas are, without a doubt, ours favorite dishes, we can talk about recipes endlessly, but without hesitation this is one of the best and the ones we love the most. And it is that, we are not only talking about one of the most popular dishes, we are also alluding to the fact that it is one of the fastest Mexican recipes to prepare and yes, one of the richest that we have.

As many know, it is a traditional dish of Mexican cuisine, Its origins date back to Mayan times, where corn was a staple crop at the time and corn tortillas were among the most common. Originally called tlaxcalli, it would be with the arrival of the Spanish that they began changing their name to tortillas. After a while, they would document that at a party it was the moment when they served a kind of enchilada.

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