How to make a red fruit salad

How to make a red fruit salad

With the arrival of good weather and summer days, there is nothing more delicious than a delicious salad. If you are thinking of preparing one, but want to change and innovate so that you don’t always end up eating the same type of salad, at OneHOWTO we offer you an irresistible version that will not leave you indifferent. Next, we explain How to make a red fruit salad a dish that, in addition to being delicious and offering many nutritional properties, is very attractive, given the combination of colors, which is enhanced by the red fruits. Red fruit salad is a fresh, healthy and tasty option, which you can combine with other delicious ingredients that go wonderfully, like goat cheese. Appetite, right? If the answer is yes, keep reading this red fruit salad recipe to prepare it quickly and easily. It will please you!

2 dinners
15 minutes
low difficulty


Steps to follow:


To start this red fruit salad recipe, you need wash all the green leaves well. You can make a mix of greens or choose the ones you like best. We suggest mixing lamb’s lettuce, spinach leaves, arugula and lettuce. Wash them, drain them well and save them for later.

How to make a red fruit salad - Step 1


Next, it’s the turn of the fruits. Wash the red fruits properly and then cut them into pieces (in half or chopped, according to taste). Read this OneHOWTO article if you want to know what red berries are.

How to make a red fruit salad - Step 2


Finally, select the cheese you want to add in salad, fresh cheese or goat cheese, cut it into small pieces or square and reserve.

How to make a red fruit salad - Step 3


With all the ingredients ready, it’s time for it start assembling the salad. In a container, we put the mixture of green leaves as the base of the dish. Then add the red fruits and cheese.

How to make a red fruit salad - Step 4


Mix all the ingredients carefully and leave the container in the refrigerator to cool the salad while preparing the dressing.


For clothing grate or blend remaining 4 strawberries. To this juice, you can add a tablespoon of lemon juice, a good splash of olive oil and honey, do it as you like. Mix all the ingredients until the mass is homogeneous and reserve it.

How to make a red fruit salad - Step 6

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  • The amount of red fruit can vary depending on the amount of salad and personal taste, since being a salad it has a greater versatility and the possibility of adding or eliminating some ingredients.
  • You can include any variety of lettuce, the more the better, as they are the main source of nutrients in this dish. Also, the use of fresh varieties will make the salad much more attractive and tasty.
  • To prepare this salad you can choose to add other fruits of the same color like tomatoes or use more crunchy ingredients like nuts (walnuts, sunflower seeds, chicory…)
  • For dressing you can prepare a special one like the one we explained before or choose other dressings like Modena balsamic vinegar or a basic sauce with oil and salt.
  • If you want to give the dressing another touch, beat it with a blender before serving the salad so that it emulsifies again. You will improve its whole taste!
  • Red fruit salad is a perfect self-care option, and it’s delicious, too. Try it!

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