Mexican Cuisine: Recipes to prepare a delicious mole for your tamales

We are more than ready to pronounce ¡Viva México! Next September 15. and how is it traditional food and drink They cannot be absent from these parties. We begin to put a mark on the list of things we need to receive guests, we confirm it dishes to be enjoyed at dinnerwhich must obviously be very typical of Mexican cuisine.

pozolichiles en nogada, toast, enchiladas, chilaquilestamales, snacks like pambazos or sopesand of course the mole could not be missing, these can be in different varieties such as green mole, yellow mole, the black mole that originates from the state of Oaxaca and the one that cannot be absent in these national holidays, the mole from Puebla. But even the territory of Chilango is not far behind and in the city we also have the mole San Pedro Atocpan.

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