Mexican recipe: How to prepare a chicken wire at home for lunch?

We’re already counting down to enjoying the bank holiday we have this September, but we’re dying to enjoy it all Typical Mexican dishes, drinks and desserts that are used to consume during the celebration. And in order not to get complicated with elaborate recipes, this time we give you the recipe for one delicious chicken wire. This dish will be ideal to share and accompany with a green sauce, here you can find it step by step to prepare it.

Teli is one of the dishes that have become very popular in the country, the combination of flavors is a feast for the palate. The mixture of peppers they allude to the colors of the flag because they can be involved in their preparation red and green bell pepper which together with the onion can be said to be a very patriotic dish. There are different varieties in which you can add different ingredients like beef or chicken, add some bacon and cheese.

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