Not everything is tinga! 3 recipes for stews you can put on your Mexican night tostadas

Now that it has arrived Septembermany of us basically run to buy them all ingredients What we will need to prepare cooking, with whom we want to celebrate our national holidays, which are September 15 and 16but that like good Mexicans, feeder you arrive earlier, because in our country we have more faith in gastronomy than anything else, because it is what synthesizes our culture masterfully.

However, it is possible that when you hear the phrase “Mexican night“Immediately your head turns to one pot of pozole and an arsenal of toast tingapaws or just with cream and cheese, that are used to accompany the great disc. all are deliciousbut the truth is that there comes a point where we get tired of eating them so much that our brain almost automatically tries to figure out what else we can put in there.

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