Recipe for pasta with meatballs by Adamari López

The dish is a classic of Italian cuisine: pasta with if. But the actress and presenter from Puerto Rico, Adamari Lopez, has its own recipe pasta with ifhealthier. Adamari She is a reference for many women, since some time ago she decided to make a change in her life to make it healthier, so she follows a diet with varied foods and exercises several times a week.

Pasta with meatballs is a classic of Italian cuisine. Adamari has its healthier version.

The driver usually shares her tips and advice with her followers on social media. “Living a healthy lifestyle doesn’t have to be synonymous with boredom. This is a quick, delicious and fun recipe,” he says. version i pasta with if e Adamari Lopez there are some details that make it healthier: pasta it’s wholegrain, uses fat-free ketchup and also cooks if in an air fryer so as not to use oil.


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