Recipe: Kebab with protein

Kebabs are branded as junk fooda label given to it because of the way it is cooked and because of the high percentage of calories it has, however we have seen that make a kebab healthy may be entirely possible. Kebabs can be a very nutritious food if the right ingredients are used.

A kebab is usually a popular option on weekends when eating away from home, especially if it’s a meeting with friends, but it doesn’t have to be exclusively a meal out of the routine. Therefore, we see you share a recipe that we love because it is simple, delicious and nutritious. Thought you couldn’t choose a kebab if you were watching your diet? Of course it is, the ingredients and the way each recipe is prepared are the keys to distinguishing the healthy dishes from the less so.

Often, when we set out to change, we see many obstacles and believe that we will stop enjoying food and its taste. However, as in any aspect of life, it’s all a matter of attitude. If you really want to enjoy a healthy lifestyle that brings you closer to your best version, you just have to get involved and bet on it. How? Taking an interest in your diet, looking for alternatives that allow you to build a satisfying diet and improve your relationship with food on a daily basis.

Therefore, from digital freedom we have started to innovate in the kitchen and have prepared a protein kebab that has no bread as what would be pita bread is made with chicken. Of course, you can change the chicken to the meat or mix the two as you would in a normal kebab and fill it with whatever you like best. Don’t forget to take a pen and paper so you don’t miss any details.


  • a plain yogurt
  • egg
  • 40 g raw chicken strips
  • 30 g of egg whites
  • 30 grams of tomatoes
  • a handful of canons
  • 20 g of lemon juice
  • 10 g feta cheese


This kebab has something special as we will replace the traditional pita bread with chicken and egg dough. Therefore, to create this “bread” it is enough to beat together the whites, the egg, the strips and the chopped chicken spices, in my case I used curry, cumin, paprika, salt, turmeric and a little cinnamon.

We must not get a very thick or very liquid texture to achieve a uniform dough. Once we have it, we put the dough in a pan with a little oil and cover it. When we see that it is ready on one side, we turn it in the same way as when preparing the pancakes. Repeat until the dough is finished.

Then we will prepare the yogurt sauce. How? Very simple, we just have to mix a yogurt with two spoons of lemon juice, curry, pepper, onion powder and salt.

What will we fill our protein kebab with? Having the meat part in the bread dough, we will simply fill it with lamb lettuce, diced tomatoes, feta cheese and some sour cream.

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