this is how chicken sweat is prepared

Recipe to prepare the classic Colombian chicken sweat

Recipe to prepare the classic Colombian chicken sweat

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A bit of history

of The traditional Colombian chicken sweat is a meltdown between the cuisine brought by the Spanish and that of the indigenous peoples who lived in the Andes region. This can be seen in the mixing of animal proteins such as pork, chicken and beef, with tubers such as potatoes, yucca and arracacha.

The traditional recipe includes the flavors of tomato, onion and garlic, which are complemented by the aromas of garlic, thyme and bay leaf. It should be noted that the ingredients and preparation steps vary depending on the region. Therefore, today in Gastronomy and recipes:

Gastronomy: Colombian.

Steps for making Colombian Chicken Sweat

  • Preparation time: 60 minutes.
  • COOKING TIME: 30 minutes.
  • Services: 4.


  • Four chicken breasts
  • Oil
  • a pinch of spices
  • 1 cup chopped onion
  • 1 cup chopped long onion
  • Garlic
  • 4 tomatoes
  • Salt and pepper to taste
  • Annatto
  • 4 small potatoes
  • 4 pieces of yucca

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In a pot with a little oil you will put four chicken breasts that they turn brown. Remove them when they are golden on the outside.

Then, in the same pot, to take advantage of the fat and juices released from the chicken, you will place a cup diced white onion, one cup vine (also known as long) onion, one tablespoon garlic, four tomatoes and mix.

Now you need to add salt and pepper to taste, a teaspoon of achiote, a teaspoon of triguisar or your favorite spice. Lid for cooking.

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Then you’ll add the chicken breasts, cover them with the stew and cover them again so that all the flavors come together. Do not add water.

At the end, add to the preparation four pieces of yuccas and four small potatoes. Let it cook until tender.

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